Thursday, April 30, 2009

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TAIWAN 4eva!!

Why do you chose this photo?

It was my 1st time travelling overseas alone (uhm, I only get to know people when I reached there). Having fun for 3 weeks, and trying the delicacies there, the experience is amazing indeed. I'll never 4get that experience, even though we don't keep close contact anymore. =P

When is the last time u ate Pizza?

Today!! hehe =P I'm so bored with the everyday food that I tried the pizza in AC.. The crust was REALLY thin, but it still tastes ok..

The last song you've listened to?

With You by Chris Brown

What are you doing besides answering this tag?
Facebook-ing.. Browsing.. (feeling sorry for missing the bus.. I wanna go back!! haha)

Besides your own name, how do you like ppl to call u?

Xin Yi, Gracy..

Tag 6 people. The following questions are related to them.
1. Keat Yee
2. Kai Han
3. Anna
4. Julia
5. Wei Wei
6. Lilian

Who is No. 1?
A nice friend I met in NS.. Damn smart and interesting personality!! Congrats to her as she'll be flying off this year!! Hooray!!

No. 3 has a relationship with?
Me.. Her.. We're lesbians!!!
NAY!!! don't get it wrong!!
We've juz housemates.. haha

Say something about No. 5
Smart, outgoing, sociable, funny person.. A good friend that will help you during difficult times..
A good leader too!!

How about No. 4?
She's the sweet girl-next-door that everyone knows about.. Sometimes she laughs really long, believe me, but that's what makes her special.. =P

Who is No. 2?
She lives as the same floor as me.. really good in physics, n a great singer too!!

Say something to No. 6!
Let's strive for our future!!! Canada, here we come!!
Gambateh together!!



Call me emo,
Call me sad,
Call me unhappy..

It doesn't matter,
coz it's not what I feel.

What am I feeling right now???


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Truth vs Illusion



It's painful,
to only know the TRUTH after various LIES...

So, which do I prefer?

The unconscious mind always reveals the truth..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Food... in Times Square..

Friday, April 24, 2009

I Know..

I know that..
I know it..
I really want to help..
why can't I seem to contribute anything??

whatever it is, I will keep trying..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cumin' up..

friday is coming!!!
I get to have some sleep!!!
I'm going to Legend Hotel..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The present belongs to who??

There was some rude guy harrasing a monk for a few days.
Then, the monk asked the guy, "If someone gives you present, and you refuse to take it, who will own that present in the end?"
The sude guy answered, "It belongs to the one who gave the present."
The monk then said, "Then, if I do not accept your harrassment, then are you harrassing yourself?"
The guy then walks away.

As long as you think positively, no one will ever affect your mind.
If you were to take into account every other people's comments, you'll never have full control over your life.

Doing what we should do
A boy went home crying to his mom saying that, "My teacher only let me play a small role, while my friend plays the major character."
The mother then put her watch on her son's hand and ask, "What do you see?"
He replied, "A gold watch and the needle hand."
The mom then remove the cover of the watch and ask him the same question.
This time, he answered, "Dial and dial screws."
She then said, "If one of these things is absent in the watch, the watch would not work at all."

Regardless of the role we play in life, we should do our best in playing our roles.
No matter how insignificant the role is, it will still have its own value and purpose.
Never underestimate small things or events.

Sunday, April 12, 2009






Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've decided to change my blog title..
seems like all my posts contradict to my previous title, "Live Life to the Fullest"..


simple yet deep..
a word that describes everything..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Accepted.. Rejected..

University application..

**praying hard for all the best..