Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunway Dayout..

Hmm.. Sunway Pyramid is sure a shopping heaven for me.. Haha.. I spent lot sof $$ just on clothes and shoes already.. anyway, the best part is the Baskin Robbins ice cream..
Lol.. I had to treat my friends as I lost in my own bet, that I will pass my piano diploma exam..
These photos are taken at Baskin Robbins.. The customers eating there sure think that we're nuts, newcomers coming to this metropolitan city.. We took loads of pictures there..
Haha.. Anything will do for a bunch of good friends..

The FOur Musketeers.. KIn is left out.. Ice cream deadline is reached


Friday, October 24, 2008


Countdown to the final test!! & all those assignments due these few days..
Most importantly, countdown to the sunway pyramid dayout..
Hoho.. I'm loving the shopping complexes, it's just the credit card problem.. Lol


Finally, holiday!!! I was under lots of stress these few days.. Now at least I can relax a bit..
Gosh.. The course is so busy all time around.. So many things need to be done in such a short time.. Today's drama can be considered as a success, it's just I think I did stay numb for a while during my dialogue.. Minus marks for that!! Lol.. My acting skill is very bad already, & now I would look so badly among my team members..
Anyway, all's done is done.. Hoho.. I'm becoming a poetic person already.. Shakespeare is indeed very influencial..
It's useless revising the past, on the other hand, we should be thinking of how to improve ourselves. After all, there will always be a tomorrow, waiting for us to conquer our future, even though the past offers us lessons for guidance in the future.. Sometimes, being emo reveals the truth to us, instead 0f deceiving ourselves with false sense of security and confidence..
I'm rather emo than being cheerful.. "Prepare and save for the worst before anything outcome is known", that's my principle.. Then, at least I don't get too despair when I don't meet my own expectations..
Advanced functions, chemistry, english culminating activity.. The assignments would never end.. It's hard work after all, then we can taste the fruit of our labour later.. Tests and quizzes seem normal to me now, I'm used to it anyway.. Argh.. I don't know what's the bio teacher talking about.. The topic seems so vague and confusing.. Muz add oil on that part..
Anyway, be prepared for the last.. Time is RUNNING OUT!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Drama, drama, drama.. Something I would least expect myself to do.. I'm not the kind of person who will express my emotions entirely to other people..
Thus, it's considered diffucult for me to carry out the asignment. Damn teachers, even though it's very fun.. Argh.. I guess I will score very low marks..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taiwan!! I miss u!!

Amazing, right?! That's the pic I took when I went to Taiwan last year.. I still miss Taiwan till now!!

Another Day

It was sure a long day yesterday.. Exams, rain, assignments, discussion.. I'm getting nuts if I don't give myself a break.. Hehe, you can say that I'm quite addicted to blogging and facebook.. It's just another way of relieving stress..
Plus someone kacau me yesterday, causing me to sleep at 1am due to finishing homework... Hoho.. I don't mind sleeping at 1am, but I got to wake up at 5.30am.. Wow.. My eyes are so buldged out that I can hardly stay focused in class, even though I looked very attentive.. I got to sleep longer during the weekends, or else I'll sure sleep in class...
But still, I just don't understand why people thinks that I'm very attentive and can virtually record whatever the lecturer says. I'm simply just human and I myself also have some flaws..
Anyway, I need to make way for my good night sleep now..
Got to stop blogging at this moment now!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deception point, Gossip Girl.. These are the books I have longed to read since ever.. Typically, the books are very interesting as they talk about the human relationships and how something can be so deceiving..
Fair is foul, foul is fair.. Just like Gossip Girl, generally everyone gossip about other people.. It's just a matter of fact whether the person presents it directly or indirectly.. In Gossip Girl, those girls are just being sociable for the sake of popularity, or for their own benefit.. Oh, my god.. The plot is so interesting and complicated that there are too many characters involved at a time.. Hmm.. I'll sure download the whole series to catch up with the 'hot' story.. The actors are very cute too.. hehe, maybe in my spare time..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shakespeare, the all famous writer of all times, regardless of the time passing every second..
I never fully understand the beauty of shakespeare's works. To me, it's simply just another literature, which uses lots of flowery words and techniques. Of course, it's considered one of the hardest components in English for me. I just hate it, with all the hidden meanings. Plus I'm really not good at these.
BUt after one class with the "WISE" one, I finally realise the minute detail beauty of the piece, since i'm doing macbeth now. Wow, he did made me realise why people still enjoy his piece till now. His action are comical, plus the history that comes along each scene. I felt so enjoyable listening to his talk, instead of waiting to answer according to the context. Hm.. I wished he would be my teacher.. Lol.. Life can never be as demanding as we want it to be..
p/s: By the way, I'm starting to love Shakespeare's pieces.. It's so interesting as those events in the story might occur in real life, right now too..
Science & religion.. Something that have opposing principle on a simple matter..
In the perspective of science, what is life?? How would we answer that?
Is life a struggle, an adventure, a spiritual path??? My answer is to enjoy pleasure.
But after all those experience, what do we wait for in life?? DEATH!! That's the answer my biology lecturer told me. It's controversial to the fact that we work so hard just to face our death in the end. So, life is just like a stage, ends when the curtain closes. This might sound pathetic, but it's the order of life all along..
Philosophy and science, can never intervene..
Haha.. It sounds so philosophical, and rather emo, looking at the dark side of every matter we face.. Sometimes we just want to get away from the harsh truth confronting us.. Deception is more enticing than truth.
We just have know our purpose in life and trust God in whatever we do.