Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snap out of it!!

gotta come back!!!
no more slacking!!!


Cherish your life, your family, your friends..
Cherish your stuffs, for it means a lot to some other people that you may not know..
Cherish your day, for we are very blessed for the life we are leading now..
Cherish everything in your life, for everything has its own significance..
Believe in God, as He knows it all..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It should be a merry occasion..
Yet now, I'm sitting in front of the computer, browsing the Internet..
Thanks to the enormous workload during the holidays, with the physic test coming up right after the CNY, I'm racking my brains over the criticism essay..
Gosh.. I guess actions HAVE to speak louder than words..
I'll still enjoy this festive season, before I start thinking of the essays and tests..
Hehe.. ANGPAU!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


12-hour sleep!!!

Will I Ever Be??

Will I be more dominant in voicing out opinions?
Will I be more bold in decision making?
Will I be bettter in social networking?
Will I be a better personality easily accepted by people?
Will I be???

When will it be???
Frankly, I don't know..

**posted by some emo teenager who is whining over her life without taking any actions, being pessimistic almost all the time..
** random post



**still being indecisive.. gosh..

What to choose?? Is it the right choice?


**gotta have my own stand on issues now..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Seen & Heard

Am I? NOT really..
Will I? I guess so..
How? I'm not sure..
When? The day will come..

** indecisive me..

Chinese New Year

New year, new celebration, new resolution..
Yet, I'm still infected with the flu virus, causing me to coughing every few minutes..
It's so torturing, plus the astonished looks on other people's faces looking for the cough source..

A joke on coughing..
Excuse me.. ***coughing in a very weird way
**Burst out laughing
Exucse what? Haha.. Or should you repeat what you do just now?
***coughing in a similar way, but slightly softer..
Yea.. Thanks for your cough anyway..
**still laughing on the coughing sound

Sunday, January 18, 2009


A new concept of theory..
Flying symbolozes freedom..
River symbolizes continuity & purity..
BMW symbolizes money..
Night time symbolizes sleep & calmness..
Angel symbolizes hope & wishes..
Hell symbolizes sufferings & hardships..
But what about planes?
They represents comfort, not luxury..
Most people can afford to pay for plane tickets, plus there's time-to-time offers..
Comfort is indeed the ultimate objective in life..
Another random and boring post..

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sushi King

Owh.. It's been ages since I ate salmon..
My mouth was salivating and my stomach rumble when I saw the menu..
Yea.. I've gotta eat that, because mum's coming and I get to eat without feeling any remorse.. Hoho.. Evil me, anyway just enjoy life while we can.. =P

Everything Speaks

This is the new theme for the ENG 4U..
Yeah.. Everything do speaks.. but will it be heard or hidden in one's heart?
That's the main problem with the sutdents these days, including ME!!!
Gosh.. I think I'm even more quiet compared to last semester, perhaps not much change..
Now I realised my oral SUCKS!!
Gosh.. I even have to think for a moment to arrange my words.. HOw would I be prepared for the IELTS test in February??
ARGH.. I gotta start using English these days.. Plus my interpretation is damn basic..
Gosh.. I guess I'm gonna have a hard time in English.. I have not see any improvement in my English since last year.. I'm still at the same level as when I just got here, 6 months ago..

Anyway, stop all these crapping and (**argh, what's the word again) whining..
show full support to ENG!!

gosh.. I'm just crapping these days..
back to my novel.. lol.. I just read 8 pages, since 2 weeks had passed..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Life begins now..

I'm kinda lazy now, yet there's physic homework due on friday.. gosh.. Why is the homework due so quickly?
Holiday was kinda ok, yet I still miss TAIWAN!!!
yeah, TAIWAN!!!
It was so fun, plus the amazing weather, not to mention the terrible air.. lol..
I would never ever won't go to TAIWAN whenever I got the chance to do it..
Damn.. Crap again..
Anyway, back to reality..
TT.. My nose is ruined..
Crap again..
[enter] log off...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

MIssing the Holidays?!

Not sure though..
Beginning of holidays:
omg.. it's so boring.. I'm living a pig life..
Time's still ticking.. Better still, I got manga, MTV, Channel V & AXN =P
That's should while away my free time.. Plus 10 hours of sleep..
WTH?!! So fast?!!
NOOOO!!!! I dun want to!!
back in Subang:
Yeah!! Let's go shopping!! Have fun while we can..
Sunway, 1U, Times Square..
Time is so limited..

2nd sem

yea.. Time does flies.. Then again, the busy schedule of lacking sleep.. haha.. I will definitely look very alike to panda at the end of the semester...
Regarding the lecturers, no complaints for now, since it's still the beginning of everything, for now.. What I can say is, I'll have to expand my network.. My network is damn limited, seriously..
Man can't stay in their safe zone forever.. I've got to climb out of the turtle shell, beyond the glorious five group... (which I'm not sure will I achieve my new year resolution)

Wait.. That's out of topic.. Anyway, I was hoping to get a different teacher for english.. *new experience.. Anyway. I don't mind it much.. The calculus lecturer is quite good, ignoring the fact that her jokes are sometimes lame or funny..
*** swt, swt, freezing, mouth open, staring eyes, utter silence, sudden laughter..
That's the scenario whenever she jokes..
More observation later... Snoozing off for having long & boring breaks..

Friday, January 2, 2009


New year!!
new wishes,
new hopes,
new aspirations...