Monday, December 29, 2008


Yea.. I love reading manga.. Sometimes its even funnier than anime, too bad there's no colour..
Anyway, mirai nikki is all on my head now.. Great plot, great story, you'll sure be addicted to reading it..
It talks about future diary holders, and their quest to stay undefeated in the survival game in order to obtain the power of God.. It's interesting eh?! Plus there's some romance struggle and some psychological problems related to the characters..
All I can say is even though the manga doesn't have high reading ranking, it's definitely a high quality manga.. There's even mirai nikki mosaic, about the side story relating to the original plot..
Haha.. I'm still not finished with mirak nikki yet, but will sure catch up reading it till the end..
Mirai Nikki rockz!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Flashing Back..

Time do really flies.. With a blink of an eye/a wink of an eye, things seem to be different now..
haha.. I would never forget about Miss Khoo, my english tuition teacher..
She's the one who taught me those flowery words used in descriptive essay, and make my english writing skills stronger.. I do really thanked her for her guidance for the past five years, even though she does comment strictly on her students' essay and make my hands sore sometimes, cuz she talks too fast.. She was right all along, all the keywords she taught were just mere simple english that you would encounter in normal articles.. She's too good of a teacher to keep pumping those words into our minds.. Haha.. I would recommend her to those who want to improve their English, cuz she's the best..
That's enough relating to English topic.. Anyway, your words would remain embedded in the deep recesses of my heart, providing more guidance in the future... haha.. Her keywords again..

Gates.. Cages.. Wishes..

It was my 2nd trip to Penang, and it was christmas eve.. Wow.. I enjoyed the day very much, plus I was tasting my first Starbuck.. Wakaka.. Better spend money while you can without feeling regretful.. Queensbay mall is indeed some place you would dire for, at least when I'm still staying at the northern part.. Hehe.. Yet, the malls in kl is still the best, with credit card in the purse of course..

The picture was kinda memorable.. I just thought of the old cartoon clip, where the souls of the dead are waiting in queue for their turn to ascend to Heaven.. Heaven, indeed a place where everyone would love to go to, yet there's still some barriers and obstacles to overcome..

It kinda relates to life, where we were so eager to have the best for our own lives, yet sometimes we do not qualify for it.. We sobbed, we cried, we cheered.. Tears, irrespective of the reasons came rolling down our cheeks while things get harder.. Yet, after each obstacle, our shields get thicker and harder, till some day it breaks and we start building it again..

Anyway, it's just my own interpretation, even though my friends say it's just normal decoration..
Haha.. I just love the gates and the cage, thinking of those trapped ones and those who will soar higher and higher.. It's a symbol of life anyway, where some people are more fortunate, depending on their luck.. Plus, it's white, signifying purity and endless hope that we kept wishing for..

Gateway taken at Queensbay Mall, 24/12, with Ka Mun & Su Ching..

Monday, December 22, 2008


It's done.. Gosh.. That thing has been bothering for days..
It's over and I don't want to regret over my choice, even though it should be the last choice you make.. haha..
Yeah.. Merry Christmas to all..
=P I'm going to Penang..
No more 11am wake ups, coz gotta go swimming again.. Lol..
Perhaps a good habit I should get used to..
Plus I can't stay up till 2am.. haha.. will miss that hour..

Saturday, December 20, 2008



第一:被點者請在自己的 BLOG裏寫下答案
第三:傳閱人‘請在于這十位當中鬥留言版’ 告知他(她) 被點名了..
第五:被點者‘請注明被誰點暸’ 在哪接到‘在傳給下十位’
第六:這些被點名者’ 你們被點會得到祝福‘並且願望會實現’ 也會得到幸福.^^

幸福套餐 NO.1 ♥

1. 你的綽號 : 还是grace
2. 年齡 : 18
3. 生日 : 12/11/1990
4. 星座 : 天蝎座
5. 興趣 : 音乐
6. 專長 : 常常不够睡

幸福套餐 NO.2 ♥

1. 你有沒有喜歡的人? : 不懂噢,目前只有好感
2. 是否在交往? : 从没交往过
3. 現在幸福嗎? : 还不错
4. 如果上天給你勇氣,最想做什麽事? : 到处旅行,享受美好事物
5. 如果有天,你愛的人跟你告白的話? : 就期待那一天咯

幸福套餐 NO.3 ♥

1. 點你的人是 : 贻雯
2. 他是妳的 : 老朋友(也不算老啦)
3. 他的個性? : 她是个很谈得来的人,友善,乐意助人
4. 認識他多久? : 三年吧
5. 你覺得他怎樣? : 蛮不错的,很受人欢迎
6. 你想對他說什麽 : 希望你永远幸福快乐,可要注意健康哦!

幸福套餐 NO.4 ♥

1. 最愛的節目 : 搞笑,探险
2. 最愛的音樂 : 依我的情绪
3. 最愛的季節 : 秋天和冬天
4. 最愛的卡通 : 只有所谓的不爱
5. 最愛的人 : 家人
6. 最愛的顔色 : 蓝 白 粉红
7. 最愛的國家 : 想要去的倒有,如:加拿大 日本 台湾 英国 美国
8. 最愛的天氣 : 气候爽朗

幸福套餐 NO.5 ♥

1. 如果上天給你三個願望:
a) 心想事成
b) 所有我遇过的人都能找到幸福
c) 父亲早点改掉坏脾气,让家里安宁
2. 你是很專一的人嗎 : 是吧
3. 最深刻的回憶 : 暂时是台湾之旅,但人生还是有一段很长的路要走
4. 你是個很有信心的人嗎? : 不
5. 你很愛微笑嗎 : 看心情
6. 如果你要放棄你現在的生活,你願意嗎: 偶尔想,不过生活还是有许多精彩的事物我还没去接触
7. 妄想什麽樣的生活 : 无忧无虑,只有快乐,自由
8. 是否橫刀奪愛才是愛 : 不认同

調卷到此結束‘點人者請至于被點者的留言版’ 告知被點名了. 點名名單:
zi yee, kai han, xin zhou, xin ying, lilian, chook teng, yen ping, sharon, yi qian, yi min

(这是从MSN space那儿copy & paste 的)

Friday, December 19, 2008



Monday, December 15, 2008

I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy

Say my name, and his in the same breath,
I Dare you to say they taste the same,
Let the leaves fall off in the summer
And let December glow in flames
Brace myself and let go,
Start it over again in Mexico
These friends, they don't love you
They just love the hotel suites, now
I don't care what you think,
As long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness
In misery
I don't care what you think
As long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness
In misery
Oh, take a chance, let your body get a tolerance,
I'm not a chance, but a heat wave in your pants
Pull a breath like another cigarette,
Pawn shop heart trading up, said no
I'm the oracle in my chest,
Let the guitar scream like a fascist,
Sweat it out, shut your mouth,
Free love on the streets, but
In the alley and I ain't that cheap, now
I don't care what you think,
As long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness
In misery
I don't care what you think,
As long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness
In misery
Said-a, I don't care just a-what you think,
As long as it's about me, you said-a
I don't care just what you think,
As long as it's about me, you said-a
I don't care (I don't care)
You said I don't care (I don't care)
Said I don't care,
I don't care
I don't care (I don't care), I said-a
I don't care
I don't care what you think,
As long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness
In misery
I don't care what you think,
As long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness
In misery..

luv the flow of the music..

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I'm totally lost now.. hehe.. Don't worry, I'm not physically lost..
It's just..
I'm lost in boredom..
yeah.. I'm so bored now, besides doing the same routine every day..
Online, sleep, eat, tv.. Gosh.. My life is kinda pathetic right?
Hmm... I kind of prefer my life in Subang Jaya.. Hehe.. at least got some malls I can go to..
Plus I still cannot drive yet, not that I don't want to..
I'm not allowed to.. Gosh.. My life is so pathetic now, everyday just stick at home..
Damn!! Got to change my lifestyle, and be more active..
Or else I'll always be the frog underneath the well!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Relaxing Mood..


omg.. Time do really flies.. It was like so long ago when I first reach here, not knowing anyone at all.. Memories are sweet and sour, yet it's worth of enduring those challenges.. Perhaps I get to taste my own fruits of labour (not really the typical physical labour)..
Plus, those assignments had driven me crazy, adding to the piles of work..
I guess it's time to rest and get geared up for the next sem, for the better tomorrow and the future..
I'm thinking where to go next.. Pizza hut, city plaza, prangin mall perhaps..
Dominos, I'll miss u.. haha.. sob** no dominos in my home town.. but still big apple is still standing firm in tesco.. I got to grab the dark chocolate doughnuts!! Finally I can borrow anime from Chen Chen, considering I missed lots of anime updates these few months..
MTV, HBO, E!, TRL, Starworld, House, CSI, America's Next Top Model, American Idol...
I'll sure watch those once I get back!!
Finally I get tp smell my piano diploma cert.. hmm.. wonder how do the cert look like.. kinda considered as miracle I can passed.. Anyway, I passed d!!
Hehe.. Stop all these crapping.. It's time to get back to packing.. Gosh.. My luggage is way too heavy..


A list of what I'll miss of leaving Subang..
- Wifi connection (of course, I can online for unlimited hours, plus no one's nagging over me)
- shopping malls (I'm a total shopaholic, it's just that I don't have enough credit)
- Having fun!! (I won't have the freedom to go jalan-jalan at home)

erm.. That's all for now that I can think of.. Haha.. It's all related to my personal freedom anyway..
Plus, I won't feel guilty of asking my mom to buy expensive stuff for me.. =P I've always have had an eye for expensive stuff, just can't understand why.. perhaps my taste is far too high.. hehe..

What I won't miss..
- 1st floor food.. I wanna throw up ady eating the same stuff..
- lack of sleep.. (haha.. back to my old routine, waking up at 10am..)

I'll always remember the one utama bus trip..
"Pi sebelah!!'
"Sebelah mana?"
"Takkan nak kita tunggu kat tengah jalan.."
Bus already left..

Gosh, we experienced this twice.. All I can say is that it is different from taking a bus in anywhere else apart from kl..
It's KL metropolitan city anyway.. =P

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Thinking of home? not really..
I'm thinking of going which location next..
Anyway, I got to reward myself, before going back to my plain life..
Yeah!! It's all about having fun, for now..
Shopping, looking around, eating tasty foods..
I missed watching house since I've been here.. Gosh.. MTV, Starworld, HBO..
Plus I wanna read my novel..


Yeah!! I wanna spam now.. Finally the finals is over..
Happy? Hopeful? Sad?
Kinda.. I wonder how would the outcome be..
Gosh.. It was tough last few days, but it's over now..
And now I can finally relax a bit..
Still, I'm nervous about my result.. Typical careless me..
I'll just enjoy for the time being..

Friday, November 21, 2008

This Week...

Chill Out..
Lack of Zzz.. (again)
Argh.. wanna finals already!! Got to start firing up!!

ps.. another random post..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chill Out

Yeah!! Chill out, that's what I'm trying to say to myself..
But how am I going to chill out, when I'm so stressed out.. Hmm.. Depressed, you might say..
But I'm not depressed.. Just feeling nervous because loads of things have not done yet..
Another thing, I tend to act silly when I'm stressed out.. Haha.. Can't find my own damn locker.. Just because I did not really memorise the spot, cuz it's not the place I always put my bag on...
The funny thing is I've done this about thrice these few days.. DAMN.. The librarian sure thinks that I'm nuts!! Finding prize money among the lockers in the library..

Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh gosh

CPT... Oh gosh, I got to redo the whole essay, during this weekend.. The essay is way too vague.. Sleep, sleep, go away..
Never ever come again...
Argh!! When'll I get to sleep as much as I want?!
I'm desperate for rest now.. Yet, so many things have not done..
haha.. I guess my poem do pictures my true self, yearning for sufficient sleep and relaxation..

Slamming It OUT!!

Dozing Off... Zzzz...
by Grace Tay

I want to soar, soar with the wings of eagle
Within the height of the deep blue sky.
I want to be free, free of burden,
Excuse myself from the boundless tasks given.

Yet, I’m stuck in my cubicle in Casa Subang,
So tightly coiled in knots of rope.
Piles of homework drown me deep,
Make me suffocate, lack of sleep.

Panda eyes that darken no less,
Drooping eyelids are strained to stay open.
Restless soul without any shine,
Snooze off while queuing in a line.

The morning breeze is no longer fresh,
Polluted with screams and traffic jams.
Incessant honking rings in the air,
Strip my thoughts and conscience so bare.

Can’t I doze off for just a moment?
I crave for sleep, for better alert.
Would I ever reach my paradise,
of zero worries and frustrations?

Would time pause for a moment,
And wait for those who are still behind His steps?
Would time freeze for a second,
And make the slumber more valuable?

Sleep is a never-ending marathon,
Where the path seems endless,
Forcing those in pursuit of Him
To continue their chase.

Yet after the long tiring pursue of Him,
I still yearn for His presence.
For it is He who
Soothes my mind further and provokes me to fly.

copyright protected.2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Gosh.. I'm so bored now, even though I still got loads of works to do...
just feeling sleepy now...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slam Poetry

Along the path we have chosen
Twigs are being trampled upon
Beneath the yellow leaves that lay upon
Will it lead me to the right choice
The path where I would find happiness
Where I would no longer get hurt anymore?

ps. it's not finished yet..


Hoho.. There's so many scorpios!! Anna is 5 days older than me.. That makes me the youngest.. Wakaka..

The couple..

Lilian's missing!!! My AP handphone missing.. haha..

Housemates.. Lol.. Where's am I?
Taking pictures of course...

Secret recipe.. Delicious!!

Bday gal~~ Anna!! Happy 18th bday ya!!!
Pictures taken on 7/11/2008..

18th Birthday

My 18th birthday.. I was touched when some of my hometown friends still remember my bday.. I mean they never wish me before.. Morever, my bday always fall during the term holidays.. Normally I would be busy going for tuition..
To Yee Chein.. I'm not lonely ya.. haha.. You got to remember your senior ya.. T_T... Miss playing instruments now..
It was kinda unexpected that some of my friends know my bday through facebook.. haha.. anyway, appreciate it for making my bday sounds better!!!
Love you guys..

Kin & me


Picture with the "sisters"...

Hmmm.. YUMMY!!

Cheezy... Love it!!
Pictures taken on 12/11/2008...

Lab Experiment

It was way too fun for the last lab experiment.. Gosh.. I'll miss my professional image of wearing goggles.. haha..

What the heck is that gluey sticky thing?
No rush.. The pros are examining now.. {Terence, Li Yi, & me}

Look familiar? Remember the W series sony erisson phone.. wakaka..

"flubber" is forming now!!

It's so nice!!

Street Clean-Up..

Cleaning the college area.. Hmm.. Who's damn idea was that? Anything works for community service.. haha

Guess who??

Thumbs up for being dirty?! No way..

Sunday, November 9, 2008


1st time being tagged, so I'll answer..

1. Whats your ambition?
Erm.. Never thought of an exact ambition.. I plan to go to medicine field. But still, I choose biotech.. Which field? Not sure..

2. How often do you think of committing suicide?
Never!! Might think of it later.. Who knows? But for now, I treasure my life & I want to live my life to the fullest..

3. Do you think you have enough confidence?
NO!! That's why I'm the quiet type that give few opinions.. Anyway, I'm working on it now.. Got to get out of my turtle shell..

4. How many babies you want?
Too early!! Skip!

5. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Yea.. Sometimes.. I do see one when I look out of the window..

6. What is your goal for this year?
Improve myself.. be a better & more sociable person..
I wanna go to Canada!! I wanna play with snow.. & take pictures of autumn leaves..

7. Do you believe in eternity love??
Yea, I think.. Never thought of it yet..

8. What do you say about your life now?
I lack sleep.. Sometimes feel tiring..

9. What feeling do you love most?
Free of pressure.. Calm..

10. What are the requirements you wish from the other half?
Have not think of it yet..

11. Is there anything u want to tell the people u hate?
Not in this column.. I'll only tell it to the person itself..

12. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
Of course.. Miss my friends..

13. What does flying means to you?
Freedom.. Unlimited space.. Free of any burden..

14. What do you crave for the most currently?

15. Where would your ultimate vacation spot be?
Paris, UK, Japan..

16. Describe the person who tagged u in 7 words.
friendly, sweet, helpful, smart, funny, lovable, hardworking..

17. What have you done to yourself make yourself happy?
Networking, blogging, facebook, online games, online manga, eat fancy food..
ARGH.. addicted to facebook now..

18. What will you become in another 10 years to come?
Still early to think of that!!

19. What is your lucky number?
That's hypocrisy.. Maybe 8?

20. What is your favourite food?
Anything good!! I still prefer japanese and western food..
Chocolate of course, but only dark ones!!

I tag:
Xin Ying

Thursday, November 6, 2008


ARGH.. Exam's coming.. Assignments due.. I've no idea how to do my CPT..
Gosh.. I'm facing intense stress now, with all the pressure of scoring ace!!
Oh God.. Time is against me now..
Got to start working right now..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Passive.. Active

Passive? Active?
I would describe myself as a rather passive person..
Even though I already said to myself that I must change my silent habit, I still cannot overcome it.. Even the lecturer is being rather.. I don't want to say it.. It's just my own impression..
Maybe I should look more enthusiastic.. ARGH.. My communication is getting worse and worse..
I must overcome my timid character starting now, or else I'll be drowned in a pool of people..
Haha.. For my b'day wish, perhaps I should wish that I want to become an outspoken n spontaneous person.. That should do it.. Express myself more in front of people, and not to confide everything in my mind...

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Nice shoes, eh?! I fell "in love" with it when I 1st saw it.. Damn nice and expensive..
Anyway, anything works for something beartiful..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Terry Fox Run

It's actually a charity marathon for the cancer patients.. Its name origin, of course Terry Fox, the legendary iron grit Canadian who ran across Canada to raise funds for cancer research..Eventually, his spirit caught the attention of the poeple in the whole nation and he received full support from the people.. However, his dream of raising $1 for every Canadian was in vain due to the severity spread of cancer.
I just got wind of it through my lecturers.. Touching story, eh?! It's indeed a charitable thing to participate in the marathon.. Plus we can get T-shirt for only RM25.. Donation for charity & get another meaningful T-shirt.. It's worth bargain for!! Anyway, give full support to the charity run!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunway Dayout..

Hmm.. Sunway Pyramid is sure a shopping heaven for me.. Haha.. I spent lot sof $$ just on clothes and shoes already.. anyway, the best part is the Baskin Robbins ice cream..
Lol.. I had to treat my friends as I lost in my own bet, that I will pass my piano diploma exam..
These photos are taken at Baskin Robbins.. The customers eating there sure think that we're nuts, newcomers coming to this metropolitan city.. We took loads of pictures there..
Haha.. Anything will do for a bunch of good friends..

The FOur Musketeers.. KIn is left out.. Ice cream deadline is reached


Friday, October 24, 2008


Countdown to the final test!! & all those assignments due these few days..
Most importantly, countdown to the sunway pyramid dayout..
Hoho.. I'm loving the shopping complexes, it's just the credit card problem.. Lol


Finally, holiday!!! I was under lots of stress these few days.. Now at least I can relax a bit..
Gosh.. The course is so busy all time around.. So many things need to be done in such a short time.. Today's drama can be considered as a success, it's just I think I did stay numb for a while during my dialogue.. Minus marks for that!! Lol.. My acting skill is very bad already, & now I would look so badly among my team members..
Anyway, all's done is done.. Hoho.. I'm becoming a poetic person already.. Shakespeare is indeed very influencial..
It's useless revising the past, on the other hand, we should be thinking of how to improve ourselves. After all, there will always be a tomorrow, waiting for us to conquer our future, even though the past offers us lessons for guidance in the future.. Sometimes, being emo reveals the truth to us, instead 0f deceiving ourselves with false sense of security and confidence..
I'm rather emo than being cheerful.. "Prepare and save for the worst before anything outcome is known", that's my principle.. Then, at least I don't get too despair when I don't meet my own expectations..
Advanced functions, chemistry, english culminating activity.. The assignments would never end.. It's hard work after all, then we can taste the fruit of our labour later.. Tests and quizzes seem normal to me now, I'm used to it anyway.. Argh.. I don't know what's the bio teacher talking about.. The topic seems so vague and confusing.. Muz add oil on that part..
Anyway, be prepared for the last.. Time is RUNNING OUT!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Drama, drama, drama.. Something I would least expect myself to do.. I'm not the kind of person who will express my emotions entirely to other people..
Thus, it's considered diffucult for me to carry out the asignment. Damn teachers, even though it's very fun.. Argh.. I guess I will score very low marks..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taiwan!! I miss u!!

Amazing, right?! That's the pic I took when I went to Taiwan last year.. I still miss Taiwan till now!!

Another Day

It was sure a long day yesterday.. Exams, rain, assignments, discussion.. I'm getting nuts if I don't give myself a break.. Hehe, you can say that I'm quite addicted to blogging and facebook.. It's just another way of relieving stress..
Plus someone kacau me yesterday, causing me to sleep at 1am due to finishing homework... Hoho.. I don't mind sleeping at 1am, but I got to wake up at 5.30am.. Wow.. My eyes are so buldged out that I can hardly stay focused in class, even though I looked very attentive.. I got to sleep longer during the weekends, or else I'll sure sleep in class...
But still, I just don't understand why people thinks that I'm very attentive and can virtually record whatever the lecturer says. I'm simply just human and I myself also have some flaws..
Anyway, I need to make way for my good night sleep now..
Got to stop blogging at this moment now!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deception point, Gossip Girl.. These are the books I have longed to read since ever.. Typically, the books are very interesting as they talk about the human relationships and how something can be so deceiving..
Fair is foul, foul is fair.. Just like Gossip Girl, generally everyone gossip about other people.. It's just a matter of fact whether the person presents it directly or indirectly.. In Gossip Girl, those girls are just being sociable for the sake of popularity, or for their own benefit.. Oh, my god.. The plot is so interesting and complicated that there are too many characters involved at a time.. Hmm.. I'll sure download the whole series to catch up with the 'hot' story.. The actors are very cute too.. hehe, maybe in my spare time..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shakespeare, the all famous writer of all times, regardless of the time passing every second..
I never fully understand the beauty of shakespeare's works. To me, it's simply just another literature, which uses lots of flowery words and techniques. Of course, it's considered one of the hardest components in English for me. I just hate it, with all the hidden meanings. Plus I'm really not good at these.
BUt after one class with the "WISE" one, I finally realise the minute detail beauty of the piece, since i'm doing macbeth now. Wow, he did made me realise why people still enjoy his piece till now. His action are comical, plus the history that comes along each scene. I felt so enjoyable listening to his talk, instead of waiting to answer according to the context. Hm.. I wished he would be my teacher.. Lol.. Life can never be as demanding as we want it to be..
p/s: By the way, I'm starting to love Shakespeare's pieces.. It's so interesting as those events in the story might occur in real life, right now too..
Science & religion.. Something that have opposing principle on a simple matter..
In the perspective of science, what is life?? How would we answer that?
Is life a struggle, an adventure, a spiritual path??? My answer is to enjoy pleasure.
But after all those experience, what do we wait for in life?? DEATH!! That's the answer my biology lecturer told me. It's controversial to the fact that we work so hard just to face our death in the end. So, life is just like a stage, ends when the curtain closes. This might sound pathetic, but it's the order of life all along..
Philosophy and science, can never intervene..
Haha.. It sounds so philosophical, and rather emo, looking at the dark side of every matter we face.. Sometimes we just want to get away from the harsh truth confronting us.. Deception is more enticing than truth.
We just have know our purpose in life and trust God in whatever we do.

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's holiday!!! Gosh, I wanna go to lots of places, shopping.. Mid valley, one utama, sunway pyramid, sungai wang...

My dayout with my housemates was sure fun, except we were too tired after the long walk..

Can you imagine, going to mid valley then times square?! & we just ate some Hong Kong food, which was not so good after all.. That'll be the last time we are going to enter the shop..We did not really buy anything, & we already spent quite a lot of $$..

Plus there's tonnes of homework pilling on my desk, i got to finish doing it asap!!!

For me, holiday still means work to me, & work means stress.. We do live with stress everyday..